February 29, 2016 - Comments Off on Mobility Map Mobile Prototype – Call for User Testers!

Mobility Map Mobile Prototype – Call for User Testers!

I made some pretty big strides in getting a large amount of the screens for my Mobility Map prototype done this week! Here is walkthrough of my prototype as it appears this evening.



As usual, you can have a more ~interactive~ experience if you head over to my inVision prototype.

Moving forward, there are several things I'm going to need to be doing as we approach my ambitious deadline to have desktop, tablet, and mobile prototypes I am proud of by spring break. I am going to start collecting feedback on my mobile prototype through some user testing, but at the same time this week, I'll be translating my concepts for a phone screen to that of a tablet.

User testing is going to be pretty informal, and just using the commenting feature built into inVision. I'm probably going to make a post of all the feedback I get, and how I'm going to make changes to address it.

If you are interested in testing, follow the link to the prototype on an iPhone 6 or a desktop computer. Below is a quick video on how to use that feature if you haven't before. If that isn't working, feel free to just comment on this post or email me.


Overall, I feel that I am in pretty good shape! It's really cool to see this coming along.

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