About Me

My name is Shauna, and I have had a pretty awesome career as a user experience designer. I've worked at some other pretty cool places throughout my career, including TurnTo NetworksMoonfarmer, Moji Match, and KDA Web Technologies. I currently work at Truss full time as a User Experience Designer, teach design for the web as an adjunct professor, and am a mentor at Thinkful's UX/UI Design program.

I believe in building inclusive and friendly software. Inclusive design and accessibility are a big part of that. I specialize in UI engineering and design systems. I work hands on alongside engineers to ensure the design system my team develops based off of user research are implemented the best they can be. My current role is working in the civic tech space, so I work with the United States Web Design System (USWDS) primarily in my day to day.

I live in the Hudson Valley, and have enjoyed being a designer in this community since I moved here from New Jersey more than eight years ago. In 2018, I made the shift to remote work. It has made space in my life in so many wonderful ways, including making it possible for me to teach & mentor outside of work, get a dog, and join a roller derby team. Work life balance is really important to me, and working remotely is a critical aspect of that being possible for me.

I believe that designers are stronger when they work together. Being involved in the tech and design communities has empowered me throughout my career, and I want to help other folks by making these career paths more accessible. Currently, I am serving as President of AIGA Upstate New York and am a Co-Organizer and Emcee of the Hudson Valley Tech Meetup. I keep myself busy and I really care about everything I do. If you want to follow along, I post pretty regularly about all the activities listed above on my LinkedInTwitter and Instagram accounts.