Hi there!

I am a UI/UX designer residing in the Hudson Valley. I am a recent graduate of SUNY New Paltz, where I am earned my BFA in Graphic Design. I am most interested in designing usable and inclusive interfaces for websites and apps. I currently work for Moonfarmer in Kingston, NY, where I design prototypes for projects using Sketch and inVision, as well as write some code front-end development work.

I have spent my life having a passion for art and technology, which is what led me to design. I have come a very long way since making html pages with MS Paint images hosted off Photobucket. To me, being a designer means always learning new things and improving. Being able to accept critical feedback and taking other people's opinions into account is incredibly important to successful design.

My enthusiasm in UI/UX stems from my desire to help other people and make the world an easier place in which to live. I want to make things that don't just look pretty, but work well, too. Accessibilty and inclusive design are really important to me, and I strive to follow their principles in my work.

Another thing I have found really important in my career so far is engaing in the community and getting involved. Right now, a really big part of my life is the Hudson Valley Tech Meetup, a monthly gathering of creatives, engineers, entrepreneurs, educators, students, and genuine lovers of technology who share their passion for all things tech in the Hudson Valley of New York State.