Bento Go Ordering App Prototype

This is an app concept for a branding and identity project I recently did for a fictional fast-casual resturant called Bento Go. The app is meant to allow customers to order and pay for custom bento boxes that they can then pick up in store. I wanted to make the interface as simple as possible to execute the one function it is intended for well. I also was interested in applying the branding I had come up with to the app to enforce a cohesive experince for the customer.


I started out with a basic mapping in my sketchbook to think about how a user might go through the various aspects of my menu. The way I have it set up is that there are 6 parts to the bento box that the customer gets to pick out. The app walks them through each category and lets them pick which item from each one they want in each respective section of their box. There is also an optional offering of a drink.

Once I knew what was going to need to be in the pages content-wise, I created some wireframes of how I wanted to lay out each page of the app. I also used this step to develop my menu offerings in more detail. 

The next step was creating mockups in Sketch with the branding assets applied and content added. I used a lot of the imagey/type/patterns found in the branding to make the mockups feel as much of a part of a Bento Go customer's expereince as entering the store. I'm normally using InVision to prototype, but my account had reached its maximum. I decided to give Marvel a try, which has turned out to be the same exact thing, but with a nicer experince with Sketch integration. The finished prototype can be accessed above or by following this link.